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Possible symptoms of breast cancer

   Every woman should know her own body and when it changes. And while aging changes our bodies it is progressive, not instant. Any odd or sudden changes in your body should be reported to a medical professional. Risk factors to breast cancer are there, but in at least 75% of women with diagnosed breast cancer there were no symptoms at all. Just abnormal cells that were noted in a routine exam.

  However, the following changes in your body should be noted and discussed with your doctor.

      -A sudden change in the appearance of the breast, possible new dimples developing on the skin; or breast skin becomes swollen and/or inflamed. A red appearance to the skin and/or feeling hot to the touch.

      -A sudden change in breast size.

      -A change in shape of only one breast.

      -Lumps in the breast.

      -Pain in breast or nipple.

      -A nipple that suddenly turns inward.

      -Discharge from the breast that is not caused by ordinary lactation.

      -Swelling under the arm.

  If you experience any of these symptoms, don’t panic. A symptom is not a concrete diagnosis. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider and get a thorough examination. As always, early detection and treatment of breast cancer tips the odds a bit in your favor for a full recovery.

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