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Presidential Awards Presented to Holly Harshman Elementary Fifth Graders

President’s Award for Educational Excellence (GOLD)- highest Presidential Award given to fifth graders based on academic success in the classroom based on grade point average, high achievement in reading or math on state testing, and recommendations from two staff members.  Fifth graders receiving this prestigious honor are as follows by homeroom teacher:

LYNCH-Caleb Crow, Ryan Donelson, Matthew McCravens, Max Montgomery, Monty “Jake” Short, Brenna Aynes, Trinity Ham, Ciara Lance, and Sara Sharp.

BREVIK-Dillyn Aaron, Mason Brotherton, Jaxom Hughes, Gracie Lyle, and Hannah Velaquez.

SIKES-William Finck, Alex Hunter, Levi McIntyre, Zachery Taylor, Jaci Allen, and Allie Martin.

POSEY-Chris Bollmeyer, London Copelin, Zach Dehart, Jacob Flemens, Connor Latham, Thaddeus Nance, Summer Loar, and Morgan Puckett.

SEALS-Cory Tyler, Madison Gunn, and Andrea Maechler.

WIMBERLY-Sam Efird, Jackson Hunter, Davy McDonald, Haley Hooper, and McKenzie Maddox.

President’s Award for Educational Achievement (SILVER)-Presidential Award given to fifth graders to recognize students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academics yet do not meet ALL criteria of the Presidential Gold Award.  Fifth graders recognized for this achievement are as follows by homeroom teacher:

LYNCH-Cooper Anderle, Isaac Renard, Kenley Ruskin, Kolbe Smith, Madyson Birtcher, Saleen Dixon, Destiny Durham, and Ally Wright.

BREVIK-Riley Gilbert, Gaven Hooper, Cauy House, Cameron Terwilliger, Austin Zarrella, Madison Blair, Makayla Emry, Makori Gabourel, Shylee Head, and Lauren Sikes.

SIKES-Dalton McCourtney, Micah Smith, Carlee Boehler, Dwsen Breeden, Tori Evans, Vivie Hooper, Madison Parnell, Teegan Rose.

POSEY-Devon Davis, Mason Rogers, November Czarnetzki, and Emily Wagner.

SEALS-Blake Castor, Hetzai Hernandez, Dustin Poor, Morticai Ryan, James Taylor, Caleb Voelkel, Zoie Goforth, Hannah Stockton, Cylie Whitt, and Dakota Williams.

WIMBERLY-Shane Brown, Bryce Fairless, Logan Fairless, Liam Hastey, Ivy Curtis, Bryce Johnson, Zoe McPherson,Trenton Rickey, and Latonia Siler.

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