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Pulse Family Continues to Grow


David and LeAnn Dilbeck, owners of D&L Publishing, Inc., are proud to announce the addition of three new members to its staff at The Polk County Pulse and

Ilana Burk was hired in July of this year as the Composing Manager. Ilana is an Acorn High School graduate and holds a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Arkansas Tech University.  “I had the privilege of working with Ilana when we still had the marketing firm and am so grateful to have her creative and design skills back on board,” said LeAnn. Ilana and her husband Brandon have two children Brakiah, age 7, and Brennan, age 4.

Tosha Lance will begin October 28 as a part-time Sales Representative. Tosha said this opportunity was an answer to prayer and she is looking forward to being a member of the team, “I love everything that The Pulse stands for.” Tosha is also a Mena native and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas Tech University. “I know our customers are going to enjoy working with Tosha. She is so smart, energetic, and friendly. Our entire team is excited to have her joining us,” said LeAnn. Tosha and her husband Mike share three children, Kailie, age 8, Abigail, age 4, and Andrew, age 1.

Jaclyn Rose has also returned but this time as a Staff Reporter. Rose had previously worked at The Pulse but as the Office Manager until she gave birth to her second son, Huck, and she made the decision to stay home with the new baby and her oldest son, Ike. Rose is a Mena High School graduate and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Pensacola Christian College. “I’m grateful to be able to be back on board at the Pulse. I love working here and this new opportunity gives me the scheduling flexibility I need for life with my boys!” said Jaclyn.

LeAnn explained, “The tremendous growth that we have experienced in the last 75 days warranted the addition of staff members in order to maintain the quality of what we do. We are grateful to have women of this caliber interested in being a part of the Pulse team. They each bring unique talents that will only make us better and stronger! David and I are blessed with a tremendous team that work with such dedication. When everyone works hard without being concerned with who gets the credit, it’s amazing how much good can get done…and that’s the kind of team we have here.”