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Quilt Entries in the Polk County Fair


The Polk County Fair will be August 29 – September 2 this year. If you’re thinking about entering a quilt or quilted project, here are a few things you need to know.

First, it must not have been entered in the Polk County Fair before.  It can be something you started a previous year, but must be something you finished since the last fair.  Second, all items must be quilted- either by stitching or tying-with a layer of batting between two layers of fabric; and third, all items must be clean, smoke-free, and free of animal hair to be entered (we have to mindful of people’s allergies).

There are currently almost 30 categories your quilt or quilted item could be entered in.  For example:  Is it your first quilt?  Is it a group quilt?  Does it contain mixed techniques such as hand and machine work?  Is it a table runner?  Can you wear it? Is it a bag?  These are just a FEW of the categories your item could be entered in!

Your entries are what makes our fair such a success.  Please think about entering your quilt(s) or quilted item(s) in this year’s fair.  More info will be available as the fair gets closer.  For questions, call Kathy Hagler at 870-389-6750.

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