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Rape Kits Testing Backlog Easing With New Law Change

(LITTLE ROCK)   Authorities are trying to remedy the backlog of over a thousand untested rape kits, after a new law challenges the testing timeframe and allowing victims the ability to know where their kits are in the process.

Investigations sometimes have to wait at least six months before an investigation can continue and proceed.

According to Arkansas Crime Lab Director Kermit Channell, the law will make it mandatory that if a kit is collected, then it will be transported to law enforcement and submitted to the crime lab for testing.

The Arkansas Crime Lab recently caught up on the backlog of 1,300 untested kits and is rapidly expanding its staff after just hiring two more analysts to assist in the backlog and are testing the kits that come in, in a more timely fashion.

Oklahoma remains at 7,200 untested kits, as they begin the process with the tracking system launching the Jan. 1.

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