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Real America TV Names Key Cast for Mountain Motors Reality TV Series

Meet the Ten Mena Residents Who Will Get the Most Screen Time in Mountain Motors Season One

 Chicago, IL: Real America TV’s production crew for the pilot of Mountain Motors is finishing up filming for the maiden episode and the network is now releasing key characters who will make the core cast for the first season. While most employees of Street & Performance, Inc, (the company the show is based on) will likely be seen during the first season of Mountain Motors, there are ten names that will stand out throughout the summer and fall rollout of the show.

The five core members of the cast, the five who will see the most air time, are company founder and chief Mark Campbell (lead role), Mark’s wife Lisa Campbell, Tammy Campbell Deramus, Danny Deramus and Plant Manager Richard Hexamer.

The five supporting cast members, who will also likely see ample air time during season one of the show, include Shane Deramus (Auto Computer Programmer), Pearl Hexamer (Shrink Wrapper), Justin Odom (Receiving & Tours), Walt Solowianiuk (Hot Rod Shop) and Walter Felix (Foundry Supervisor).

Mountain Motors Executive Producer Norvell Rose says he couldn’t be happier with the experience and the production activities so far.

 “What great folks and what a friendly town,” said Rose. “Coming in, I felt this could be a special experience, and the crew at Street & Performance has more than lived up to my expectations. They’ve made our production team feel like part of the family, and the footage shows their genuine caring, unique expertise and unwavering dedication to quality. There’s an awesome kind of authenticity and magic about this place that will make our show, Mountain Motors, the perfect kick off for the Real America network.

Eric OdomReal America TV‘s Managing Director, reported from his Chicago office that production was going very well. “I’m told the footage so far has been excellent and the folks at Street & Performance are really starting to warm up to the cameras.” Odom went on to say “from the footage I’ve seen so far some individuals are really opening up and becoming wildly entertaining on camera,” which is certain to provide great TV in the post-production process.

In the coming weeks Real America TV will begin releasing teaser videos via the official Mountain Motors Facebook Page at and the official network blog at



  1. This show and this town sound amazing! I can’t wait for this show to be complete so I can watch it! Thanks Mena for allowing Real TV to film in your town. So excited!!!!

  2. I am excitingly looking forward to the advent of Real America TV.

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