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REFLECTIONS FROM FAITH AND HISTORY: The DeChristianization of America

 By Jeff Olson

 Hosea 4:6 states that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Author T.S. Eliot said in 1939, “A people without religion will in the end find that it has nothing to live for.”

    Both statements in different ways reflect truth, for if this life is all that there is therein lies no incentive nor accountability for living this life beyond only ourselves.

  This truth, within the context of the Christian faith and worldview, was embraced by the vast majority of America’s founding generation who knew that it was one thing to conceive and birth a republic but quite another to sustain it.

  At the end of the Constitutional Convention, a lady approached Benjamin Franklin and asked him what they had given the people. Franklin replied to her, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

  America, over her lifespan, has withstood wars, depressions, droughts, and other tragedies and disasters which would have subdued lesser nations.

   Even the threat of Communist aggression and control was eventually defeated. What is it that has kept our beloved country afloat thus far, but has somehow been abandoned to leave us adrift without a sail?

   In the words of Benjamin Franklin again, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

   And George Washington said, “…reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”

  Samuel Adams understood that “A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy.”

   For the Church, that common enemy has been and will always continue to be Satan (Ephesians 6:12).   

  For America that common enemy was, for many years, manifested through the ideology of Communism, rooted in Marxist/Leninist thought and influence.

These socialists believed that the West, particularly the United States, would eventually fall to Communism. But what they failed to understand several of Marx’s later disciples figured out.

   The reality of two thousand years of Christianity and Western culture had grounded people in the basis and truth of freedom; a freedom of spirit and heart which transcended the ideological efforts of communist indoctrination.

   God created man to be free and it was their Christian roots, values and beliefs that prevented many of the people from readily and wholeheartedly embracing Communist ideology and revolution.

  Thus, the old regime couldn’t be permanently overthrown until those roots were severed.

   Thus, to capture the West it must first be DeChristianized. Marxist theoreticians, Georg Lukacs and Antonio Gramsci, were among those most influential in promoting and implementing the strategy of conquering a society through the creation of a new one.

Through “cultural terrorism,” as it came to be known, children in Hungary and Russia were indoctrinated in radical sex education programs, the obsoleteness of middle-class family values and monogamy and the irrelevance of religion.

Also, licentiousness was promoted among women and children in order to destroy the family. Does any of this sound familiar?; look familiar?

    Fifty years after this process began, these ideas would be enthusiastically applied by baby boomers in America’s sexual revolution of the 1960s and beyond. This revolution eventually came to America via the Frankfurt School, an extension of the German Institute for Marxism. With its new leader, Herbert Marcuse, they set up shop in New York City and began a patient and deliberate nation-wide crusade to undermine American culture through capturing its institutions that shaped the souls of the young: schools, colleges, movies, music, arts, and mass media. In the benign name of Critical Theory, an epidemic of destructive criticism of the elements of Western culture (including Christianity and the patriarchal family) began which to this day permeates throughout many of our educational institutions. Here, our young are indoctrinated with a contempt for their native culture and exposed to the re-writing of America’s rich history into an indictment of Christian values and Western civilization. Lukacs’ haunting question, “Who will free us from the yoke of Western Civilization?” is being answered even to this day.

    How has a nation as churched and as steeped in traditional Christianity as America once was  permit itself to be publically DeChristianized almost without a fight?  In “When Nations Die,” Jim Nelson has this explanation. “But one of the greatest reasons for the decline of American society over the past century has been the tendency of Christians who have practical solutions to abandon the forum at the first sign of resistance. Evangelicals in particular have been quick to run and slow to stand by their beliefs. In reality, most Christians had already vacated “the public square” of moral and political discourse by their own free will, long before civil libertarians and others came forth to drive us back to our churches.” We have too often embraced the spirit of

compromise which is but a mere cloak to cover up the nakedness of irresolution and timidity. Although this sounds quite harsh, it is nevertheless quite true though this trend has begun to change over the past twenty years or so. But it will take much more time to recover lost

ground than it did to lose it. This is why the Christian community and others who treasure freedom cannot afford to surrender to those forces who would continue to purge our society of those values which Christ gave us and which our Founders perpetuated through their faith, sacrifices, and the founding documents of our nation.

    Yes, it is far past the time that the DeChristianizing of America revert back to the Christianizing of America where it all began over 526 years ago. On that October 12th, Christopher Columbus’s famous voyage culminated with a discovery of a land whose inhabitants he originally purposed “to be delivered and converted to our Holy Faith….”  This faith, this relationship, which initially inspired and guided Columbus must once again inspire us as a people to reclaim its place in our culture and it is the Church who must come out of its dormancy and take the lead. Reconciling Christianity to the counterculture has only compromised the truth and resulted in a mostly irrelevant Church which has contributed to rather than solved the problem. Either we believe the Bible is God-inspired, inerrant, and absolute with enduring and changeless values or we don’t. There can be no middle ground if America is to ever recover her blessing from God and the greatness which once characterized her.

    Does this mean more fervent evangelism by the Church? Of course it does, but it has to begin in the homes where parents must take an active interest in their children’s spiritual and educational growth of which churches and schools should be active partners. In addition, Christianity must extend beyond a personal relationship and into the comprehensive worldview that Christ intended, guiding every facet of our lives including our family, church and social life, work, citizenship, and yes – our politics of 2018. Only then will what we believe translate into who we are as a people and what kind of government we will have and nation we will be.

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  1. ” the Bible is God-inspired, inerrant, and absolute” is only valid if you ignore the contradictions and different versions of the same story and rationalize around the “inerrant” parts no one pretends to adhere to. The problem is that without the supernatural “gifts of the Spirit” promised to believers – and I don’t mean tent-preacher “healing” – all you have left is the opinions of men telling you how to live.

    Christianity is men’s interpretations of two-thousand-year-old hearsay. No man speaks for God, and the more extreme the claims, the more sure you can be that he/she/it is lying.

    Turning “Christianity” into a political doctrine with holiness measured by how blindly you accept whatever the current Trump Republican Party is selling will destroy both Christianity and this Republic that protects all our rights. When Satan offered Yeshua dominion over the kingdoms of men, he was sent away. When he made the same offer to “evangelical Christian patriots”, they hit their knees faster than a truck-stop hooker.

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