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Reisig Release New Adventure Novel

[MENA] Best-selling author Michael Reisig has just released a fourth book in his “Road To Key West” series, “Somewhere on the Road to Key West,” and once again his protagonists, Kansas Stamps and Will Bell, find themselves hip-deep in madcap adventure – from bizarre to hysterical.

“I believe this is the best in the series yet,” Reisig said. “I think it’s a little more grounded and even more word-clever than those in the past. I expect it to be a big book for me.”

In Reisig’s newest, the captivating diary of an amateur archeologist sends our intrepid explorers on a journey into the heart of the Panamanian jungle, in search of La cueva de Esmeralda (The Emerald Cave), and a lost Spanish treasure. But local brigand, Tu Phat Shong, and his gang of cutthroats are searching for the same treasure. It’s a cat and mouse game – up the perilous Fangaso River, through the jungle and the boisterous mining towns, and into “The Village of the Witches,” where nothing is as it seems…

If that weren’t enough, one of the Caribbean’s nastiest drug lords has a score to settle with our reluctant heroes. (Something to do with an ancient golden medallion they “borrowed.”) The word is out. There’s a price on Kansas and Will’s heads, and a conga line of hit men trailing them. As they careen across the Southern Hemisphere, our adventurers encounter some fascinating ladies as well, and experience an extraordinary romance. Be careful what you wish for…

Reisig explained that he is kicking off this book with a special promotion: from Sept. 22 through 30, amazon will offer the “Kindle” electronically delivered version for only 99 cents! The paperback sells for $12.95, which is also available on amazon, ORDER HERE or locally in Polk Country at Books n’ Stuff in Mena.


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