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Reisig Releases Eighth “Key West” Adventure Novel

Local author Michael Reisig has just released his latest novel — the eighth book in his “Road to Key West” series. Reisig says this new one has rapidly become a Best Seller for him – hitting the top 1,000 books in Amazon’s six million offerings only two days after it’s release.

In A Wild Road to Key West, once again, The Hole In The Coral Wall Gang is wrapped in a wild adventure – from South Florida to South America, and back again.

Diamonds and emeralds, a lost city infused by a treasure and an ancient race, a secret cave with a timeless message, ruthless bandits, jungle Indians, and nefarious cowboys are all part of this non-stop roller coaster ride.

Did I mention the gang’s new guide, Arturio – a Venezuelan outback opportunist who has a mild obsession with Russian Roulette? Or Passi, the lustful jungle witch who just can’t make up her mind?

Reisig has been writing professionally for 20 years. He is a former Caribbean adventurer turned newspaper editor, award-winning columnist, and best-selling novelist. He is one of the area’s most prominent novelists and his books are requested often at local stores. You can find them on Reisig says the Amazon Kindle price is $3.99, or own the paperback version for $12.99.

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