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Residents Continue Clean-Up Following Storm Packing Strong Winds


Toppled trees and debris littered yards and roadways Thursday morning after a storm with high winds wreaked havoc on Polk County Wednesday evening.

Reports of trees being uprooted, roofs torn off, and roads being blocked began pouring in early Thursday as home and landowners began assessing the damage.

Nita Krebbs, of Hatfield, had several broken limbs and uprooted trees on her property, some of which were oaks that were 100-years old. One old oak had a large limb break and missed her mobile home by mere inches. “The Lord was truly watching out for us,” stated Krebbs.  The County was able to clear the roadway at the end of her driveway, which was blocked by yet another old oak.

Half of the roof was torn off of Barbara Szymanski’s hilltop home outside of Cove. “I’ve been needing a new roof for a while, just trying to save money for it, now I really need one,” said Szymanski.

No injuries were reported to be caused by the storm that left as quickly as it arrived in this unusual summer weather that Polk County has experienced.


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