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Results from the Acorn Cross Country Meet


Jr. Girls were 3rd in team competition with Kensey Rosson as 2nd over all and Bella Tedder with a top 10 performance in 9th.

11:15.60               SB           Kensey Rosson 2nd       

12:38.50               SB           Bella Tedder       9th        

13:15.50               SB           Sophie Strasner           14th      

13:38.70               SB           Daisy Dollar         18th      

13:57.00               SB           Kenzie Daniels   21st       

15:34.50               SB           Sydney Holiday 36th      

15:38.90               SB           Rylee Belcher    37th      


The Sr. Girls were lead by Ashylnn Bissell in 10th and Kim Strasner 12th.

25:57.80               SB           Ashylnn Bissell  10th      

26:18.40                               Kim Strasner      12th      

35:53.10               SB           Makenna Goss  38th      

38:54.10               SB           Kayla Curry         39th      


The Jr. Boys Issac Tedder was individual Champion for the 2nd strait week, leading the Tigers to a Runner Up in Team competition. Caden Tarkinton was 8th, with Dakota Sullivan 10th and Sky Carmack 11th.

8:28.00  SB           Issac Tedder       1st         

9:40.80  SB           Caden Tarkinton  8th     

9:43.20  SB           Dakota Sullivan 10th      

9:44.00  SB           Sky Carmack       11th      

10:43.10                   Noah Holland     25th      

14:16.80                          Aiden Kimp         46th      

14:55.30                    Aiden Metcalf   49th      

5000 METER RUN  Sr. Boys

Tom Stuthard Stampede Acorn Sr. Boys Runner Up in team championship to De Queen.  Sophmore Justice Neufeld was winner by almost a minute, his second victory in two weeks.

18:19.00          Justice Neufeld 1st         

20:10.00          Brady Lyle           7th

20:42.40                         Damian Bohlman           12th      

21:05.20               Matthew Chaney            15th      

21:34.00               Brady Hair           23rd      

22:42.50               Daniel Norman  30th      

23:06.90               Curtis Curry        33rd      

27:27.80               John Fagan         54th       

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