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RMCC Presents at ACS Regional Meeting

Rich Mountain Community College Science Instructor, Dr. Gaumani Gyanwali and RMCC student, Jonathan Fosdick, recently gave presentations at the American Chemical Society’s joint South-West and South-East sections’ Regional Meeting in Memphis. They were among very few presenters from community colleges. Dr. Gyanwali commented, “This helped me keep updated in the field, as well as validated what I do as an instructor among many professionals in the field.” Fosdick’s presentation was the first undergraduate research talk from RMCC entitled Simple Synthesis of Luminescent Graphene Quantum Dots using Acetone and their Facile Incorporation into Polymer Matrices.His basic preparation and processing of this material happened in the RMCC lab. Dr. Gyanwali’s presentation coveredStudent Engagement Strategies and Small-scale Research in a Community College Setting. It focused on three student engagement and retention strategies that Dr. Gyanwali implemented in his classes. He collected data from RMCC students and included this data in his presentation for validation. He emphasized the possibility and importance of small-scale undergraduate research in a teaching lab environment with limited resources.

For more information about the RMCC Science Club, science programs and courses contact, Dr. Gaumani Gyanwali at (479) 394-7622, x. 1339 or


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