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RMCC ‘s Talent Search Program Hosts “Star Camp”

TRIO’s Educational Talent Search program at Rich Mountain Community College hosted rising freshmen from Polk, Scott, and Montgomery counties on June 5th for their annual Star Camp.  Talent Search students participated in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities, learned financial literacy skills, and engaged in an interactive presentation on pursuing higher education to achieve their career goals.

Students spent the morning on STEM activities creating their own bottle rockets from empty plastic bottles.  After crafting their bottle rockets, students worked in pairs to launch the them with water and air pressure.  The final step of the process involved measuring the distance with an altimeter.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn important financial literacy skills through an interactive game.  The day concluded with keynote speaker, Ruby Kay Manis.  Manis spoke about the importance of completing college and finding the job that will fulfill your dreams.  With her guidance and expertise, students created superhero costumes.

For more information about the Talent Search program contact Brenda Miner, Julie Ulmer, or Jeff Neufeld 479-394-7622.  Talent Search is a grant funded program through the Department of Education.

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