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RMCC’s Talent Search Program Hosts “ACT Boot Camp”

TRIO’s Educational Talent Search program at Rich Mountain Community College hosted its annual ACT Boot Camp on June 9-12.  Talent Search participants from Montgomery, Polk, and Scott Counties attended the camp.  Each morning participants attended classes to learn tips and techniques on how to improve their ACT scores in English, math, reading, and science.  The participants also learned how to operate a preprogrammed TI-84 graphing calculator that can be used on the ACT test.

Afternoon activities included learning how to write a scholarship essay, business etiquette, and financial literacy skills.  Students also participated in comparing and making different soaps and determining how ads and marketing influence purchases.  The closing activity for the camp was keynote speaker, Ruby Manis, who spoke about the importance of “dressing the part” and how to make a good first impression. Manis also shared her experiences of working as a costume designer in Hollywood.

For more information about the Talent Search program, contact Brenda Miner, Julie Ulmer, or Jeff Neufeld at 479-394-7622.   Talent Search is a grant funded program through the Department of Education.

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