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Rosson Announces Candidacy for District 20 State Representative Office

Marc Rosson of Gilham has announced his candidacy for Arkansas State Representative District 20.  In a press release, Rosson shared about his roots and his intentions if elected. “Both sides of my family moved into Polk County in the 1800’s around Eagleton, Ink and Mena.  I am the grandson of the late Gaylord and Bessie Rosson of Ink and late Alexander and Rethe Boren Bartow Eagleton and Mena.  I am a farmer and land lord.  My wife Dianne and I have been married 15 years and have the 3 best children of which 2 are homeschooled.  My wife and I are both Christians and attend the Church of Christ at Wickes.  We hunt and fish regularly, all the time.  I hold Lifetime Sportsman’s Permit in Arkansas and have for close to 10 years.  I put on Financial Peace University classes (Dave Ramsey course) from time to time to help people get out of debt and have a less stressful life.  I donate my time and typically pay for part of the courses myself.

“We own commercial, industrial, recreational, and residential properties that we purchased on our own.  We own buildings and properties in several states from eastern Arkansas to central Alaska and in at least 7 counties in Arkansas alone.

“I grew up poor, but I can add good and I know how to save and manage money. I have been doing it for years. Unlike the State of Arkansas, our representatives just raise more taxes, preying on low-income families.

“I believe in the constitution as it is written.   The second Amendment means we have the right to keep and bear arms without limitations and in those rights, we have the right to defend ourselves, family, state, and nation.

“I am absolutely pro-life. Each unborn child has a right to be born under the constitution.   If you’re pregnant, please give the child a chance.  My wife and I would gladly take some and there are many others that would as well and give them good homes.  You will look just as good if you let that innocent baby live.

“I want to work and see that used resale items are no longer taxed and that includes vehicles.  Those taxes are aimed for the low-income Arkansans.  There is no reason that state and local sales taxes should be near or above 10%.  That is robbery by elected officials and is hardest on the low-income families which Arkansas has a lot of.

“I am for Defunding the Arkansas Insurance Commission it serves no purpose other than making you feel good about getting ripped off by insurance companies; they do not work for the citizens.  We are forced to purchase auto insurance the insurance companies must now be forced to pay claims.

“I want to see the prisoner rate cut in half in two years then even lower in 4.  We can do this by giving them a healthy diet of bland beans and rice daily, teaching them how to save and use money wisely, and giving each of them plenty of work to do.  Prison should not have repeat customers.

“We need to raise the speed limits on highways.  Our elected officials, law enforcement and highway department employees drive above the speed limit now.  If it is good enough for them its good enough for all of us.  We need a one-time policy on domestic violence. When officers are called out, someone will go to prison.  Our law enforcement officers are repeatedly called out to the same residences and no one wants to file charges. They are not referees and should not be used as such.  The money saved here can reduce taxes.

“I want to see the national parks and national forest in Arkansas become state parks.  The state can maintain them much more efficient than the federal government.  Local people can make better decisions on natural areas than grass eaten tree huggers in Washington.  If some action that would affect the areas badly was coming down from the state legislators, you would have local people to deal with who would be more willing to listen than people you cannot see.

“We need to fire some highway engineers and hire some that know how to make highways drain.  When water and ice stays on the highways, it rots them and cuts their life down.  Drive through Mena and DeQueen when it rains and see where the water goes.  We own buildings on Hwy 71 in Mena they are a reminder of the highway drainage problems.  The highway department has continually gotten more and more taxes past for highways.  Where is I-49? It’s not in the middle of Little Rock.  Many of the highway right of ways could be mowed for hay instead of brush hogging. Contract could be bid out to save money there.

“If elected, I will bring good paying jobs into Montgomery, Polk and Northern Sevier Counties.  I will not support corporate welfare that picks which companies get special money from the tax payer.   I will see to it, if elected, that every senior gets a real financial education before they graduate, even if I have to pay for it out of my pocket.  When young adults start out with no debt, they can easily become wealthy very young and that is what they deserve – not government hand outs.  That is a big step in building better economies in this district where good jobs are scarce.

“I will continue to be against Obama Care and that mean no funding and no means no.

“I would be proud to work for you.  The current State Representative could of gotten some things done if he had been working for us.  If you will give an Arkansan a chance, I will work for you.  What can I do to help you?  Please contact me and let me know.  visit and call me at (870)584-9434.


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