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Rowland Named as Deputy EM Coordinator


Polk County Emergency Management Coordinator James Reeves has announced the Emergency Management office has a new deputy. Kyle Rowland has joined the team to help better the response time and create outreach programs. Rowland’s position will also shorten damage assessment time after disasters in the area. “I stay so busy with paperwork for state requirements and FEMA that it was difficult to do all that needs to be done. I wanted more outreach programs and that’s where Kyle will be a big help,” said Reeves.

Rowland has a career history as an EMT and a Firefighter and brings with him experience from both trades. “I’ve been in emergency services since 2007, starting in Polk County, before I took a career position with a fire department outside of Dallas,” said Rowland, whose training comes from the Arkansas Fire Academy and and EMT certification from RMCC.

He said looks forward to educating and serving the public through emergency management. “It’s a great opportunity and I have a vast background in emergency services. My dream has been to be a firefighter. This will give the opportunity to work with the volunteer fire departments, and because I’m also a fire instructor, I can share my knowledge and skill set with them,” Rowland explained.

Reaching out to teach the next generation how to react during emergency situations will be a part of Rowland’s new positions. “It’s all about educating the public. I enjoy people, especially kids, and I want to teach them while having fun. It’s always fun working with kids and getting them comfortable with situations; how to make a plan, how to not be scared,” Rowland said. “I look forward to getting out and meeting people and making Polk County a more prepared place.”


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