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Salem Baptist Delivers to Louisiana


Volunteers from Salem Baptist Church delivered a bus full of supplies to help restock the pantries of Louisiana who is dealing with major flooding in several areas of the state. On August 25th, Sherry Hughes, along with a helper made the long trek to Shreveport, LA to unload the large amount of goods donated by Polk County citizens. Hughes said, “It was a long day but what a blessing!”

The pair delivered the goods to Houghton First Baptist Church, just east of Shreveport. “They were preparing for a senior adult dinner and told us to just drop our donations by the door. Amber and I kind of smiled and said, ‘Um, we brought a bus.’ The nice lady starts scrambling to find out where to put it,” Hughes explained.

They pulled around the side and backed up to the door. “Then we opened the back door of the bus and they about fell over,” smiled Hughes. “A bus emptying brigade was started and it took around 15 minutes, with seven people working, to unload it all.”

Hughes said they were “gracious, gracious people,” and the group invited them to stay for lunch. “They even insisted Amber and I go first in line.”

She added, “It was a hot ride down since I’ve not had a chance to fix the bus air conditioner, but such a blessing to get to tell them of the generosity of Polk County. Thank you, thank you Polk County for doing God’s work!”

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