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Sears Hometown Store Earns Top Awards


The local Sears Hometown Store in Mena earned three of its companies’ top three awards and was recognized during its district rally held in Cabot, Ark on October 10.

They were named #1 in Customer Experience, Comp Store Sales, and the Top Store in the District. Store owner Bruce Erickson said, “For our first year having the franchise, this really is a testament to both our customers and our employees…what an honor.”

The Customer Experience award refers to the overall customer satisfaction. Data is gathered, collected and analyzed by a third party in order to be an accurate reflection of the store’s overall performance related to customer satisfaction.

The #1 in Comp Store Sales measures the stores improvement over the prior fiscal year’s performance.

The Top Store in the District award evaluates all levels of performance in the store and as Erickson explained is the biggest honor, especially for his first year. He said the awards have now set the bar high and will serve as a motivator for the store to continue to excel over the coming years.

Erickson added, “I just want our customers to understand how valued and appreciated they are. They are the ones, along with the best employees anywhere, that have made these awards possible.”