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It is said that a house is made of bricks and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams. A home is more than just four walls. It is a place where children laugh, families grow, and couples think of the past and dream about the future. For many, a home is where all their dreams come true.

Bobbie and Le-Ann, brokers at Select Realty, love making dreams come true for families and couples that are looking for their perfect home in Polk County. “Our favorite thing is making dreams become reality,” says Bobbie with a smile. Having worked in the real estate business for over a decade, Bobbie believes that Mena is a special place to reside. “The people, the community, and the beauty make it all worth living here.” This great partnership started nearly six years ago, when Bobbie hired Le-Ann as an assistant. After working together for a couple of years, they formed their realtor partnership and bought Select Reality from long time founder and owner, Jan Atchley. “I am really thankful to have Le-Ann on my team, she is a huge asset and compliments me in areas that I am not as strong. We make a great team,” says Bobbie proudly.

Moving to a new place can be difficult. When moving, you leave behind familiar places and faces, fond memories, and much more. Adjusting to life in a new place can be tough, but at Select Realty, they are going above and beyond to help customers make Mena their new home. Bobbie understands moving here and not knowing anyone, “When we moved in 2010, we didn’t know anyone except our broker so I keep that in mind when we are helping people transition.” Le-Ann has a great desire to connect people with more than just a home, “We believe we can serve as a gate into the community, when somebody buys a house they also get the community. My goal is to help make their buying experience complete by connecting them to life in Mena.”

Both Bobbie and Le-Ann believe that the majority of people buying a house in Mena are moving here for the first time and so it is their goal to help them connect with more than just a home. They are both convinced that more than anything, they want to help people, “We are so proud of this area and that we get to raise our kids here, we just want to help people make this the happiest life possible.” Bobbie and Le-Ann are perfect gateways for connecting people to the local community, especially since they, and the other realtors at Select Realty, are so plugged into community life. “Each of us are involved in some way in the community, Le-Ann serves on several boards and in her church, and my passion is working with Covenant Ministries where I am serving as Director of Community Relations,” says Bobbie.

Being a part of a team can be so beneficial. Where you are lacking, you can trust that somebody can fill that gap. Teams work best when they are moving towards one goal, Bobbie and Le-Ann work with this approach in mind. “We believe that having two brokers and working as partners can only make the buying experience better and easier for our customers. One of us will always be available and this makes our customer service even better,” exclaims Bobbie proudly. The partnership allows for the flexibility that puts the customers needs on top, “There may be a time that Bobbie can’t make it to a location to show, but because I already know the location, I can go and still do the showing,” says Le-Ann.

In order to better serve customer’s needs, Select Realty is making a big splash in the world of media. With more and more services moving online, Bobbie and Le-Ann want to be cutting edge. “We have made moves to keep up with the latest trends in technology, including hiring a media person to take care of our website, social media, and much more.” As they keep moving with the latest trends, they are able to accommodate to people’s needs and make the overall process more enjoyable.

Taking strides to advance with the technology has paid off for the realtors at Select and their customers. Select Realty has started doing virtual tours of homes, a feature that allows for them to take people through the home online and potential buyers can evaluate their interest of the home as well. They are convinced this not only makes it better for buyers, but for sellers as well. “When people have the opportunity to tour the home virtually, they don’t waste their time looking at homes they really don’t have an interest in. When they do decide to come look at a house, it is done with serious interest because they have already seen what the property has to offer. This is better for the seller as well,” says Bobbie.

Select Realty is going above and beyond to make dreams reality and help people find that special place to call home. “We do this because we love it. We love helping make dreams come true and believe this is the perfect community to do it in,” says both Bobbie and Le-Ann. For more information on buying or selling, contact the realtors at 479-394-7676. To see current properties, go to their website,

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