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Pictured Left to Right: Robert and Twila Schanink abd Robin Weddle.

Senior Center Honors Nonagenarians


Pictured Left to Right: Laduri Knight, Ina Gadbury, Stan Young, Malcolm Wade, and Tex Baker.

The Mena/Polk County Senior Center honored their 90-something clients on Thursday, March 2nd, with cake and music. Gator and Friends provided music while several danced and others clapped along and visited.

Although there are many more, eight 90-somethings, or nonagenarians as they are officially considered, were present on Thursday. When asked what they attributed to living such a long life, there was an array of responses, but mostly laughter. Malcolm Wade, the oldest there, turned 96 on March 3, 2017. He danced the most and always wears a smile. He said, “bad women and good whiskey” are what’s kept him going.

Stan Young, age 94, laughed and said, “Selling horses, fast women, and good whiskey.” However, on a serious note, he said, “I had a school teacher that lived to be 97. When we asked her that question, she said, ‘Contentment. Being satisfied and secure,’ and that’s what I believe too.”

Ladurl Knight, who will be 90 in September, was also present, as well as Tex Baker, age 91. Both men enjoy coming to the Senior Center for the fellowship and music.

Ina Gadbury, age 91, attributes ‘hard work’ to living a long life. Robin Weddle, age 95, wondered why he should tell anyone what the secret is, with a long laugh!

Also in attendance were Robert and Twila Schanink, ages 90 and 92, respectively. The couple has been married for 22 years. Robert said he walks a mile and a half a day. “I have to walk my little dog and she keeps me healthy,” he smiled. He also said he takes a lot of vitamins, eats right, and does cardio for a healthy heart.

Whatever the reasons, these seniors have lived long, seen much, and love to fellowship with one another about it all. If you or someone you know would like to enjoy the same fellowship, Mena/Polk County Senior Center is located at 401 Autumn Drive in Mena (just off Racetrack Road behind Walmart). They serve meals Monday – Friday and have an assortment of activities. For more information, call them at 479-394-5459 or visit them today.

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