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Senior Centers Request Funding Assistance from Quorum Court


Carla Vaught and the rest of the Polk County Extension Office held Quorum Court Appreciation Night last Tuesday night, October 27th, in the new 4-H Building where the Quorum Court also held their monthly meeting. Vaught, Kim Hughes, and Lauren Frost gave presentations on the many services provided by the Extension Service throughout the year.

The Extension Service is a division of the University of Arkansas and offers many services to the community including educational materials and testing for anyone from farmers and ranchers, to your simple backyard gardener. 4-H is an arm of the extension service who completes many community projects throughout the year while teaching youth leadership skills, health and safety, personal finance, and more.

Economic development is a large part of the Extension Office and the new 4-H building is proof of the positivity it brings to the county. The Master Gardener program is also under the Extension Office umbrella and keeps many areas of the County well maintained, including the Courthouse gardens and the gardens at the Historic Mena Depot.

After the presentation, Justices of the Peace heard from Sara Holliday of the Mena Senior Center and Zack Fraschier of the Cossatot Senior Center. Both Centers have received major cutbacks on funding and are asking for help. Fraschier asked that if the Quorum Court cannot help, to please point them in a direction that help could be found.

Sheriff Mike Godfrey announced to the Quorum Court that the Governor’s Appointee over Jail Standards, Mr. Sterling Penix, held a meeting with Sheriff Godfrey, Chief Deputy Scott Sawyer, and the Jail Standards Committee on Monday. Penix told the Sheriff that he will require a plan of action by April 26, 2016 in regards to bringing the Polk County Detention Center in Compliance.


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