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Silver Screens Cinema to Open in Early 2016


The remodel of Silver Screens Cinema in Mena is still underway but owners say they have pushed back their opening date by just a few weeks. DeAnna Ayers, co-owner of the theater said work is still in progress and they are working hard to open the doors in early 2016.

We are working as fast as we can but we want it complete and perfect when we open the doors,” said Ayers. She also pointed out the new digital sign that stands proudly as it awaits its first venue. New enter and exit signs have been posted at the ends of the driveways to avoid traffic confusion once they open.

The cinema will keep two screens, plus, new additions are being added, including VIP sections and game rooms. Deanna explained that the VIP sections will both be upstairs in balcony settings. “Cinema 1 will seat 36 VIP’s in large lounge-style chairs and Cinema 2 will seat 15. VIP’s will also have their own bathrooms upstairs, along with a waitress and VIP parking.” VIP costs will be $15 per person; regular admission will be $8 for adults and $5 for kids.

Cinema 1 will screen blockbuster movies while Cinema 2 will play secondary films. Roughly, between the two screens, the theater will seat 300 movie-goers. “We are unsure the exact number of seats right now. We want to give as much space with as much seating as possible,” said Buddy. “We might lose a row on each side depending on how far we space them apart but we prefer that people are comfortable,” added Deanna.

The upstairs areas will also boast game rooms. Buddy said they’ll start out with one room capable of playing Xbox Live, online gaming, in four stations and hope to expand to two rooms, totaling eight stations. “There will be partitions in the rooms, each with its own big screen TV and Xbox.”

The ‘Cry Rooms’ will still be available and have been moved downstairs on both sides of the theater. Buddy also stressed that the theater will now also be ADA compliant and will be wheelchair accessible.

Larger bathrooms have been constructed in the lobby area and the concession area will serve a multitude of foods. White Castle Burgers, pizza by the slice, nachos, hot dogs, pretzels, slushies, and of course, candy and popcorn will all be part of the menu. “We want to keep our prices affordable locally. We have enough concessions that you can have dinner and a movie right here,” said Deanna. And after seeing gum on many of the seats during the removal process, Buddy added, “There will no chewing gum allowed anywhere on the premises.” New leather chairs with cup holders will fill the theater and they hope to keep them nice and new for as long as they can.

The 50’s style will be evident throughout the theater with white and black checkerboard floors and 50’s movie posters decorating the lobby. Upcoming attractions will be found on the front of the building in new light up poster displays. “We are getting really excited and can’t wait to open our doors to the community. We hope they’ll love it as much as we do,” said Ayers.


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