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Silver Screens Update


Silver Screens Cinema is nearing their much-anticipated opening with just a few finishing improvements to make. DeAnna Ayers, co-owner of the cinema, said sheetrock was being finished up over the weekend and painting the interior is next on the list.

After painting is complete, Ayers said professionals installing new digital equipment will put up brand new screens. Flooring and seating will be one of the last bits of business, along with completing the concessions area, before opening the doors.

No opening date has been set yet because, as Ayers expressed, you never know when a setback might occur during construction.

Some of the new additions that have been added, include VIP sections and game rooms. Ayers explained that the VIP sections will both be upstairs in balcony settings. “Cinema 1 will seat 36 VIP’s in large lounge-style chairs and Cinema 2 will seat 15. VIP’s will also have their own bathrooms upstairs, along with a waitress and VIP parking.” VIP costs will be $15 per person; regular admission will be $8 for adults and $5 for kids.

The ‘Cry Rooms’ will still be available and have been moved downstairs on both sides of the theater. Larger bathrooms have been constructed in the lobby area and the concession area will serve a multitude of foods. White Castle Burgers, pizza by the slice, nachos, hot dogs, pretzels, slushies, and of course, candy and popcorn will all be part of the menu. “We want to keep our prices affordable locally. We have enough concessions that you can have dinner and a movie right here,” said Deanna. New leather chairs with cup holders will fill the theater.

The 50’s style will be evident throughout the theater with white and black checkerboard floors and 50’s movie posters decorating the lobby. Upcoming attractions will be found on the front of the building in new light up poster displays. “We are getting really excited and can’t wait to open our doors to the community. We hope they’ll love it as much as we do,” said Ayers.


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  1. Shirley Nunes- Thornton

    I can hardly wait.. Looks like a first rate endeavor.. Right here in Mena !!!! Thank you .

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