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Start Your County Fair Projects Now


Don’t wait until the end of summer.  The Polk County Fair is August 28 – September 2.  What can you enter in the Education Building?  Just about anything you have made at home since the last fair – art, crafts, food preservation, sewing, photography, quilting (quilts, clothes, pillow, totes, etc.), jewelry, weaving, candy, baked goods, pottery and more!

Anyone that lives in Polk County from small children to the oldest adults can enter our fair.  Divisions are divided into three age groups: Adults – 19 and older; Juniors – ages 13-18; and Youth – ages 12 and under.  We count your age as the age you are on the first day of the fair.  If a group of the same age range makes something, it can be entered as a “group” under the correct age group.

It’s always fun to make things with others.  Consider asking friends to get together to work on your projects for the fair.  What about making things with children or grandchildren?  They usually enjoy creating things they can enter in the fair and maybe even win a ribbon.  Summer camps are also a good place to create with children.  Adults should bring their own items, but parents can bring and enter children’s items while they are in school.

Did you know that if you win first, second or third place you will also win money?  When you pick up your entries on Sunday after the fair, you will also get your check.  First wins $3, second wins $2, and third wins $1.  With several entries, your winnings can really add up.

The Polk County Fair and Rodeo Association is a 501c3 educational entity and is totally run by volunteers.

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