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State Representative Richmond Speaks at Lions Club


Arkansas State Representative Marcus Richmond served as guest speaker at the most recent Mena Lions Club meeting on Friday, September 9, 2016. Richmond serves District 21 in Arkansas, which is the second largest district in the state.

District 21 covers a large area that begins at the northern boundary of Mena city limits up to Greenwood, west to the Oklahoma line and east to Hot Springs Village. His area includes Acorn, Rich Mountain, Queen Wilhelmina State Park and Pine Ridge.

Richmond is currently in his first term in the Arkansas House of Representatives and is unopposed in this year’s general election, setting him up to begin his second term in January 2017. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from Arkansas Tech University. He is the President/CEO of America’s Pet Registry Inc.

For the 90th General Assembly, he serves as the 4th Caucus District Assistant Pro Tempore. He also serves on the committee on Aging, Children, and Youth, Legislative and Military Affairs, the committee on Public Transportation, Legislative Joint Auditing Committee, and Member of the General Assembly Appointed to Assist with Boys State.

While speaking to the Lions Club, Richmond talked about big government versus small government. “We now have government more involved in our lives than we’ve ever had before.” He also believes that mayors and county judges should be able to make decisions in their own towns and counties. “They ought to be calling the shots in their own towns and counties, not some bureaucrat in a big city,” said Richmond.

One of Richmond goals is to create more jobs across the state. He added that technical job training could help boost employment rates. “Not everyone is going to go to college. We need to have an education system that fits where the student needs to be. Not everyone needs a four-year degree; some just need technical training. Rich Mountain Community College is one of the better places in the state that has a large diversity and tries to work with their students.”

Richmond also discussed health care, the importance of volunteer fire departments, public transportation, and fuel taxes.

To contact Richmond, call his office at 479-299-4416.

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