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Students Inducted into SAU’s Teacher Education Programs

MAGNOLIA, AR (11/09/2016)– Southern Arkansas University honored students at a Teacher Education Induction Ceremony on Nov. 8, 2016.

Students inducted from this area include:

Shelby Vaughn, of Mena, is a senior K-6 Elementary Education major.

Jaqueline Wagner, of Mena, is a senior P-4 Early Childhood Education major.

The SAU teacher candidates completed rigorous program requirements to be eligible to be formally admitted into the Teacher Education Program from 2015 to 2016. The students were honored and pinned at the ceremony, and included candidates from SAU’s undergraduate education program offerings – Elementary K-6; Elementary with STEM focus; Middle School with STEM, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics concentrations; Secondary Mathematics; English; Agriculture Education; K-12 Music-Instrumental and Vocal; and K-12 Physical Education & Health.

Participating in honoring and pinning the candidates included SAU President Dr. Trey Berry, Dean of the College of Education Dr. Zaidy Mohdzain, program coordinators and faculty from the College of Education, as well as the Directors of the Arkansas State Teachers Association and SAU’s Educational Renewal Zone.

Jonathan Crossley spoke to the candidates on the theme of the ceremony, “Be the Difference.” Crossley is the 2014 Arkansas Teacher of the Year and a recently selected educator for the Lowell Milken Fellowship as well as a National Honor Roll teacher for the Fishman Prize for Superaltive Classroom Practice. He was recently recognized as a 2016 recipient of the Arkansas Business 20 in their 20’s award and was a regional finalist for the White House Fellowship.

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