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Super Tuesday Results for Polk County

A total of 5,464 Polk County voters cast their ballots in the 2016 Presidential Primary with three local races determining the new office holders.  These are still considered “unofficial” numbers as the local Election Commission has not certified them.

Polk County voted dominantly Republican with 4,762 casting Republican ballots, 651 in Democratic races, and 59 Non-partisan.

Scott Sawyer has been voted in as the next Polk County Sheriff after a tight race on Tuesday. Sawyer pulled in 50.55% of the vote with 2,348 ballots cast in favor of him. His opponents, Mickey Simmons and Tim Milham won 39% and 10% of the vote respectively. All three candidates spoke with KENA during the live team coverage – you can catch their comments during the 6:30 a.m, 7:10 a.m., Noon and 5 o’clock news broadcasts on KENA 104.1FM on Wednesday.

There will be a run-off in the Circuit Clerk race. Debbie Scott pulled in 44.63% of the vote, while Michelle Schnell grabbed 31.87% and Wanda Smith 23.5%. Scott and Schnell will face each other in the run off on March 22nd.

Brian Bowser will remain the Polk County Coroner after a tight race with 2,470 votes while his opponent, Richard Myhand had 2,025.

Mitchell Tidwell beat out Collin Cannon with 61% for JP District 10 and Andy Barron kept his Constable seat for the Center Township with more than 87% of the vote.

In state races, John Boozman claimed victory in Polk County with almost 75% of the votes above opponent Curtis Coleman.

In the race for Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, Dan Kemp grabbed 58% of the vote over current Chief Justice Courtney Goodson. Shawn Womack had 67% of votes cast over Clark Mason for Supreme Court Justice Position 5.

Donald Trump was the clear winner on the Republican ticket in Polk County with 1,895 votes, or 40%. Ted Cruz had 1,043 votes cast in his favor, while Marco Rubio was only three behind with 1,040.

Hillary Clinton won the democratic ticket with 349 votes while Bernie Sanders pulled in 272 votes in the County.



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  1. One clear message: Switching from Democrat to Republican will not win you a race in Polk County.

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