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Ballot Issue 2 to Allow Governors to Maintain Political Authority While Traveling

BY MELANIE BUCK – The Arkansas Gubernatorial Power When Governor is Absent from State Amendment, also known as Issue 2, is on the November 8, 2016, ballot in Arkansas as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment, meaning members of the state legislature referred the issue. As is, Amendment 6 of the Arkansas Constitution, approved in 1914, states that when the governor of Arkansas is out of the state, ...

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Arkansas Voters to Consider Two Medical Marijuana Issues on November Ballot

BY MELANIE BUCK – Arkansas voters will have seven issues listed on the ballot come November 8th. Two issues, Issue 6 and 7, will address the legalization and dispensing of marijuana for medical purposes. Both were placed on the ballot through petitions and have garnered strong opposition from the governor, as well as locally by Polk County Sheriff-Elect Scott Sawyer ...

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