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ICYMI: Cotton Blasts “Bitter, Vulgar, Incoherent Ramblings” and “Cancerous Leadership” of Minority Leader Harry Reid

In case you missed it— Earlier today, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) spoke on the Senate floor about Minority Leader Harry Reid’s needless delay of Senate consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act.  A full transcript of his remarks are below. You can download a video of his remarks here. “It’s an honor to serve in the Senate, it’s an honor to serve ...

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ICYMI: Cotton Speaks on the Senate Floor About Hillary Clinton’s Reckless Immigration Policies

Click Here To Watch The Video In Full In Case You Missed It— Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today spoke on the Senate floor about promises made by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to dial back enforcement of immigration law. The full text of his remarks can be found below and here. Last Thursday, the Democratic candidates for president had a debate.  They made several extreme, irresponsible statements ...

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ICYMI: Cotton Questions SOUTHCOM Commander on Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Remarks & the Migration of Unaccompanied Minors

Click Here To Watch The Video In Full In Case You Missed It— Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) during a Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing today questioned Admiral Kurt W. Tidd, USN about the 2014 migration crisis involving unaccompanied minors and the potential for a similar crisis to arise should American leaders send the wrong message to the families of these children.  Excerpts from his questions ...

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ICYMI: Senator Cotton Speaks on the Senate Floor About the Supreme Court Vacancy

“In 2014, the voters overwhelmingly chose to send Republicans to the Senate, making clear their dissatisfaction with this president’s cavalier attitude toward the Constitution and his duty to execute the laws as written.  If the 2014 election meant anything, it meant that Americans do not want this president to determine alone the course of American law for a generation in ...

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