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Discover the Empowerment Found in Self-Control

BY LEANN DILBECK – Impulsiveness, greed, and tantrums, along with many of their other all too common cousins, can be fierce warriors on the battlefield in learning the value of “self-control.” Why do some people have more of it than others? Is it a personality trait? Is it a learned behavior achieved only through due diligence and effort? Is there ...

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Volunteer Opportunities with Upcoming Area 14 Special Olympics

[MENA, ARK. – FEB. 24] The date is set and athletes are already training for the upcoming Area 14 Special Olympics! On April 4, Mena will once again host the Special Olympics, giving local and surrounding athletes an opportunity to compete in a variety of events. Key to the event’s success is the volunteers who come out each year to ...

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The Polk County Pulse Launches New On-Line Publication:

By Melanie Buck The Polk County Pulse has launched a brand new on-line publication, The new site is now live. “We couldn’t be more excited at this launch,” said owners David and LeAnn Dilbeck. “This now puts us in the ‘daily’ market. We will be posting items on a daily basis and depending on events, throughout the day.  Our ...

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