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Young Releases Bald Eagle and Barn Owl


BY MELANIE BUCK - Wildlife rehabilitator Tommy Young nursed a young Barn Owl back to health with the help of sponsor Steven Stout, a Police Officer for the City of Mena. Stout was on patrol one cold night when a truck driver pulled into a local parking lot and discovered the owl was stuck in the grill of his big ... Read More »

Young Releases Hawks at Visitor’s Center


BY MELANIE BUCK - Two hawks were released last Friday as part of Tommy Young’s push for 80,000 total releases in his thirty years of rehabilitating animals. The first of the two was a Sharp Shin Hawk, hit by a car on November 15 near Ft. Smith. The hawk suffered a head injury with a concussion. Young nursed the bird ... Read More »

Countdown Continues – Young Releases Two More Hawks


BY MELANIE BUCK – Now only 57 animals away from 80,000 releases, wildlife expert Tommy Young, released two hawks over the last two weeks to bring his total releases to 79,943 in 30 years, a feat that not many can claim. Young, of the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center, released a rehabilitated juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk, at the Visitor’s Center ... Read More »

Rehabilitated Broad-winged Hawk to Make the Great Migration


Countdowm Continues to 80, 000 Releases BY MELANIE BUCK - Tommy Young of the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center is now only 59 releases away from a total of 80,000 rehabilitated and released wildlife. A Broad-winged Hawk, his latest release, was returned to the wild on Friday, November 7, at the Visitor’s Center on majestic Rich Mountain. An unusual ... Read More »

Young Releases Barn Owl

Mike Rostallon gives Tommy Young and helper a lift to attached the Barn Owl's nesting box to the barn.

BY MELANIE BUCK - Tommy Young of the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center released his 23rd Barn Owl in Polk County on Wednesday, October 22. This particular release marked his 79,940th in the last 31 years. The barn owl, which was brought to Young by a wildlife officer in April, had been rescued as a baby from the attic ... Read More »

Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center Receives Remarkable Donation


BY MICHAEL REISIG - Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center and director Tommy Young have recently received a remarkable donation. Long-time area resident Laura Lee Head has donated 71 acres of heavily forested timberland to Young’s organization. The property is located on Highway 71 South, just past The Fish Net Restaurant. Young explained that about three months ago a friend ... Read More »

Unique Photo Opportunity with Birds of Prey


BY MICHAEL REISIG - Tommy Young, director of the Arkansas Native Plant And Wildlife Center on Rich Mountain announced this week that the center will be having a unique fundraiser on Friday, Oct. 18, at Walmart in Mena. From 5 p.m. until dark, anyone who is interested can have their picture taken with them holding a live falcon, hawk, or ... Read More »

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