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Tammie Minton – Joyfully Serving Polk County


Life is busy, so busy that it is too easy to go through life without looking up to see what’s going on around. Tasks, even meaningful tasks and goals, can be distracting. Albert Schweitzer once said, “The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Tammie Minton, administrative assistant for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, is embodying this idea of service.

Tammie is from neighboring Montgomery County where she lived in Pine Ridge for much of her life. She graduated from Oden high school.

In 1998, Tammie and her husband, Danny, moved from Montgomery County to the Board Camp area. When they first moved to the area, Tammie was a ‘stay at home mom’ while Danny continued to work in the postal service in Montgomery County. In 2005, Danny received the opportunity to go to work for Mena Public Schools. Tammy has worked outside of the home from time to time to help meet the needs of her family, “As the kids got bigger so did their expenses,” she joked.

Currently, she is the Administrative Assistant for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, where she will mark six years of service this upcoming June. Tammy said she very much enjoys her co-workers, “It’s a great atmosphere here, it feels like family and I love the people I work around. It may not seem to people that this would be a fun place to work, but I have seen that the people make it worth it,” says Tammie with a smile.

The Polk County Sherriff’s Department invests in the local community beyond serving and protecting. One such example is the annual Polar Plunge fundraiser that supports Special Olympic athletes in competitions. “Originally, we were approached about being a part of when Mike Godfrey was Sheriff. In other places, law enforcement are big sponsors for the event so we jumped in.” Tammie has been an essential leader in coordinating the efforts on behalf of the department, it is a cause that she believes is most worthy. “I believe that is an event that is well worth supporting. It allows the opportunity for people in our county with disabilities to be afforded great opportunities.”

Tammie loves living life and serving others along the way. One of the ways that she and Danny get to do this is through their church, New Hope Baptist Church in Shady. Danny serves as the pastor and they both love the opportunity to minister there. “It is absolutely wonderful being a part of the church. Just the drive out there for Bible study and church is so peaceful, it makes you slow down,” says Tammie. Ministry in the church and outside of the church in the community has kept them busy, but it is a busy that they enjoy.

Along with the other areas that Tammie is currently serving, she is also concentrating her time and efforts towards her daughter, Jacklynn’s, senior year. Tammie is a part of the senior parents committee that is helping plan and coordinate different functions for the students as they finish school. It would seem that another regular obligation would be draining, but Tammie loves it. “Being involved with what is going on in the school allows me the opportunity to be a part of the community. Some of my best friends have developed through school activities,” explains Tammie.

If the purpose in life is to serve and help others, Tammie is a living example of what it means to fulfill that purpose each day. “Life is too short not to be involved and make meaningful differences.” Tammie is an integral part of what makes Polk County a wonderful place to live, raise a family, or retire. “We love this area and are thankful to be here. This is where we plan to be until we go home to be with the Lord,” says Tammie.

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