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Taylor Family Cousins Reunion Held on June 8

By Dawn Smith (Granddaughter of JD and Pearl Taylor)

(HATFIELD)  A cousins reunion for the family of John D and Pearl Taylor was held on June 8th at the Taylor farm in Hatfield.   

Thirty-three family members attended the reunion and the weather was perfect for the festivities. Family members traveled from several states to attend.

Opal Ferne Taylor – Smith, the only remaining child of the Taylor’s, was in attendance. JoAnn Taylor, widow of the oldest Taylor son John Jr. and Cathy Taylor, widow of the youngest son Donald, were also there. The oldest in attendance were both 88. The youngest were 3 year old twins.

Much laughter and reminiscing took place and updated family photos were taken. Some of the family members enjoyed visiting the old cellar basement and exploring the upstairs of the home. Some did not, due to the fear factor.

Loren Whisenhunt and Doug Smith grilled burgers and hot dogs and naturally there was a lot of great food. Linda Whisenhunt and Sandra Griffith planned the reunion and made it a success.

It was a lot of fun seeing family and hearing old stories and looking thru old photographs. The Taylor farm still stands, as does the original barn, at nearly 100 years old. John D and Pearl loved their family very much and would be proud of all of them and would be happy knowing the farm house still stands.


JD and Pearl Taylor at the farm house 1922.

The Taylor farm house circa 1970’s.

Shout out to all not pictured!

Left to right: Opal Ferne Taylor Smith, JoAnn Taylor and Cathy Taylor

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