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Teague Receives Grade ‘A’ from Family Council Action Committee


Senator Larry Teague of District 10, which includes Polk County as well as other counties, has been awarded a high report on the Family Council Action Committee’s annual Arkansas Report Card.

Senator Teague tied for the top spot with a 96% grade. The Family Council Action Committee selected votes on key legislation in the Arkansas House and Arkansas Senate based on their core belief in promoting, protecting, and strengthening traditional family values. The bills were chosen because they address issues conservative Arkansans care about, including abortion; marriage and family; marijuana; education; and others.

Lawmakers’ grades are based on 25 bills that came before the Arkansas House and Senate. Some bills were voted on by one chamber only, while others were voted on in both the House and Senate. Bills that never passed a legislative committee vote were not included.

To receive a grade, lawmakers had to vote on at least 15 of the 25 bills in the report card; otherwise, they received a grade of “incomplete.” Based on their percentage grade, lawmakers earned a letter grade.

Senator Teague is a Democratic member of the state’s Senate, and has served District 10 since January 2013.

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