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That’s Some High Quality H2O at Wickes Elementary

Wickes Elementary has a new water bottle filling station. Gloria Pritchett, 5 th and 6th grade writing teacher, lead the project called “Cold H2O” on the website.

Funding for the filling station was provided by 19 donors. Some donors were local residents while other donations came from out of state and from nationally recognized companies.

Johnson & Johnson funded $400 of the project.

In a release to The Pulse by the Cossatot River School District Pritchett said, “I am very excited for our students to have this available to them! Not only will it be great for access to water during recess, but it will also be more sanitary for students who may have weakened immune systems and aren’t able to use traditional water fountains. Oh, and the counter shows that after only one day of being installed, we have saved 77 plastic bottles from being thrown away!”

Wickes Elementary would like to thank all those who donated and supported our 300 students at Wickes!

It is very much appreciated!

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