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The Art Puzzle


For quite a few years, Sheila Johnson taught art at Mena High School, and was fortunate enough to have many students of great talent. “The kids have been awesome through the years. I have several students that are in the art field, but I feel that they are all prepared for something to do that is art related as they grow up and have families. It might be that they paint on their children’s wall or make Christmas ornaments for outside, etc. Art is great for everyone.”

She is now putting together a project to showcase the work of many of these young artists. Each has been asked to create a painting on a giant jigsaw puzzle piece. When completed, these will be displayed in many businesses throughout Mena. After the showing, they will be returned to the artists who created them.

Union Bank, and particularly Linda Price, has assisted Sheila all the way. Sheila’s comment was, “I couldn’t have done this without all the help from the Union Bank.”

She will start putting some up by March 1st and continue until the 15th as she receives the pieces. They will be placed in several downtown store windows, in the basement of the Court House, at Pony Express, and at the Union Bank.

Don’t miss this chance to see what our young people in Mena can create.

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