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The Gathering of the Clans to be Celebrated in Mena


“The Ouachita Cherokee would like to invite everyone to come out and spend the day with us at The Gathering of the Clans. It’s our fall festival, a time of coming together in thankfulness for all things. A time to see old friends and make new ones,” said Lyn Dilbeck, an organizer of the annual event. The Gathering of the Clans will be held on October 15th from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Polk County Fair Grounds. This year they are featuring Patrick Oyebi’s Intertribal Singers & Dancers from Talequah, Oklahoma. “So come dance with us,” said Dilbeck.

Tommy Young from the Wildlife Hospital will have his Birds of Prey at his booth. You can hold the bird of your choice and have your picture made for a $20.00 donation to the Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center. He will also present a short talk around 12:30 p.m.
Steve Mosely will be sharing his flint knapping talents throughout the day.

Sue Straw is an award winning flutist and storyteller. This year she won the Native American Music Award for her children’s storytelling CD. She will be offering a free beginners native flute workshop. If you are interested in learning to play the flute, give Lyn a call at 479-243-0713 to pre-enroll, as there are only a few spots left. Sue will also have flutes and her CD’s for sale as well.

For our Cherokee Nation West citizens, the later afternoon will be filled with a Women’s Meeting and a Warrior’s Society meeting. If you are interested, please attend. There will be on screen presentations going on in the afternoon while members are in meetings. At 2:00 p.m. there will be a “Native American Healing Series” for those interested in natural healing. Then at 3:00 p.m., traditional native American stories for children, “Tales of Wonder” will be playing. A must see for the young and old.

During the day you can enjoy Indian Tacos, art vendors, drumming, dancing, seeing wild birds of prey, watch the flint knapper, story telling and much more. “Come join us and be thankful in all things Cherokee,” said Dilbeck. “We hope to see you there.”

Dilbeck added, “Also, for all Cherokee Nation West citizens only, at dusk we will have a Sacred Fire. We will put the fire to sleep for the winter. Please bring your lawn chairs as this takes place after the festival is closed.”

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