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The Making of Family Quilts


Together takes on a whole new meaning once you’ve been through broken.  For our family, having graciously been restored, our family time TOGETHER equals a joy unmatched by anything found in a store… or on Earth for that matter! Our family time is the source of strength and gives a renewal from all that life can drain from you.

Our daughter recently celebrated her 11th birthday. Mercy… right before our very eyes, we have watched our little girl transforming into a young lady. And then, the great master party planner I am, I ask what “theme” she wants for her party expecting hot pink and zebra decorations and a living room full of her closest, giggliest, BFFs in a slumber (why do they call it that?) party. And she explains that all she wants for her birthday is a family trip, with the entire family… including all grandparents… because our time together is what makes her the happiest. Be still my heart! Her transformation isn’t just on the outside… it’s on the inside as this little girl that used to be all about candles and balloons… is all about family. Wow… definitely one of our prouder parent moments!

Making memories that they’ll hopefully keep for a lifetime.  Traditions that will hopefully be significant enough to them that they will want to continue on with the next generation.  We must never underestimate the impact that the smallest gestures we make will mean to our children. A simple weekend away at the lake was so much more than smores and tubing… it was wrestling and hugs… talks and giggles… and hopefully, memories that will last a lifetime!

The world and life itself can pull us in all directions so it’s important that we find that base or source that keeps us firmly anchored and restores us. Nothing on earth symbolizes our relationship with God more than family. And when you have a God-centered family, what can better restore you than family time together?

We’ve learned that our family simply doesn’t work right unless we’re all together. Each with our own quirks. Each with our own weaknesses. But when combined, we become a unit that knows no limits to what can be achieved together through His grace.

Time together doesn’t always have to be Disney World or weekend getaways to the lake. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Maybe it’s as simple as Taco Tuesday on Thursdays! AND, it doesn’t have to compare to someone else’s. But it does need to be consistent so with today’s busy families, you may have to schedule that time every day or every week, when everyone disconnects to reconnect to family. Be realistic about your expectations when trying to set new habits.

Families are a gift. Time together should be protected. Time to connect. Time to laugh. Time to cry.  Time to talk. Conversational threads when woven together make up the fabric of a strong family and those conversations are made up of a wide array of different colors and types of threads. And one day you will look back on your family quilt to realize all that has been sewn together… stitch by stitch… to create this beautiful piece of art, with all of its different sizes and colors, and whether you’re wrapped up in it or just admiring it, it will give you more warmth and comfort than anything bought from a store.

Families who play & pray together, stay together!

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  1. Great thpughts…love and best wishes to all.

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