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‘The Movies’ are Coming Back to Mena!


The County has been abuzz about the Silver Screen Theater having new owners and coming to life again. The Pulse was able to catch up with Greg Davis to confirm the buy and get all the details. Deanna Ayres is partnering up with Davis for the opening.

Davis said he is hoping for a 90-day opening but that there is a lot of work to be done to have the place ready. Davis has big plans for the theatre, “It’s something the town needs. We think it will be fun,” said Davis.

New seats are one of the first big changes to the theatre. Davis said the new leather chairs will have cup holders and he believes movie go-ers will be pleased with them. Davis said, “We are working towards presenting larger screen, we are dealing with engineering issues. We are going digital and will also have a new sound system,” said Ayres. “In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to not go digital,” Davis said. The building is being virtually gutted to build a new concession area, new bathrooms, and to leave room for a possible arcade area in the future. They have also discussed turning the upstairs into balcony style VIP areas with larger chairs.

The outside of the building will boast new signage and an awning to insure movie go-ers don’t have to contend with weather while buying their tickets. Davis also plans to smooth out the parking area and to beef up security so that nothing amiss is happening on their turf. “It will be very safe. We want to make it the best experience possible,” Davis said.

Davis is also asking for public input seeking suggestions on any food, any concessions, movie titles, or anything else that would enhance the movie experience. If you have suggestions, look up their Facebook page, Silver Screen Theater, after mid-week next week. They are working as fast as possible to get their website set up, it will be posted on their sign as soon as it’s complete.


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  1. Would love to see some live, Southern Gospel, concerts.

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