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The Oaks – Adding Quality to Life

In the year of 2002, Ouachita Seniors & Retires, Inc., embarked on an ambitious new construction objective to improve the quality of life for local senior residents.  They wanted to bring affordable, high quality assisted living to the residents of Polk County. After extensive fundraising, construction of The Oaks Assisted Living Center began in April of 2010 and was completed in June of 2011. This facility consists of 30 units; with each unit having its own living room, bedroom area, roomy kitchenette and private bathroom. The residents are able to keep their independence while still receiving some assistance, allowing them a sense of freedom and liberty in their day to day life. They currently have 20 staff members to accommodate the residents and are available at a moment’s notice. This staff includes an LPN in-house seven days a week 24 hours a day. Joining her is two licensed Certified Nursing Assistants. The Oaks wants their residents to feel safe and cared for by true professionals and to truly exceed the expectation with the amount of quality care they provide to their residents.

The Activities Director provides popular recreations, among which include ice cream socials and the ability to take a step back from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a simpler time of life. There is an exercise class in the mornings for those who love to stay fit. One of the favorite annual events is “Mother’s Day Tea”, which has always been a well-liked and much looked forward to recreation. The fine china and saucers are brought out and it is presented in a very refined style, warranted by tea parties of yesteryear… with even the men admitting they enjoy all the excitement.

The Oaks is blessed with several local churches that come to the facility to offer Bible studies to the residents. Also popular are the worship services or gospel “singings”.  Many residents participate in the monthly auction; this rip-roaring activity is available with the generosity of local churches and the facility, where residents get to spend all of their “funny money” they have earned throughout the month. The goodies that are auctioned off range from socks and tasty snacks to commonly needed toiletries and puzzle books. Most of the seniors at the Oaks are on a tight budget so this gives them a chance to engage with one another and receive some much needed items that they cannot purchase with their limited funds. The big birthday social is another favorite of the residents. Residents celebrating a birthday within the month join together and hold a joint giant “birthday bash.” The residents also enjoy having a professional nail tech for manicures, who makes sure they have nail art to be the envy of all! It is a service that has great value to the ladies of The Oaks.  They will share that she is very creative and always decorates lovely nails for the upcoming holidays.

The Oaks have a weekly trip that fills up their outing calendar. They have set days for going to local stores and then to the Senior Center on other days. Outing days are, without fail, adventurous and just “plain ole fun” according to residents.

Lisa Masters expressed, “It’s fun being around them because they have so much to offer, just the stories they tell. How things were with them growing up. We can learn so much history just from sitting down and listening.”

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