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The Old American Revolution and The New One


I have read much on the American Revolution – historical documents, the actual accounts, not the politically correct bullpuck that we get on the History Channel. We were a unique nation then – filled with remarkable men and women who were not only willing to stand up and voice their opinions, but willing to fight, and die, for what they believed in. (Not the starry-eyed pabulum eaters of today).

It was not just a different generation then – it was a different breed of people. Those courageous freedom-seekers of this nation’s infancy couldn’t be bought, they couldn’t be fooled, and they sure as hell couldn’t be compromised. In this time of universal deceit that we live in, telling the truth, and demanding the truth, is not just extraordinary, it borders on a revolutionary act.

In order for a nation to stand against tyranny, several things must take place. First, we must be willing to identify tyranny – when we see it in our news reporting, or in the sly double-edged words of our politicians, or when we experience it in the restrictions of our inalienable rights. Then there must be outrage – not mild disagreement or spurious debate, but anger that rises from the heart and burns out any form of unacceptable compromise. The patriots of this nation need to take a lesson from the minorities. If you want change, you must force it to happen. There are really only three motivators in this world – money, love, and fear. For this nation to survive it must rise above its petty racial umbrage and social squabbles. There must be a uniting in a common faith, the sureness of God, and the dignity of man. There must be a sound belief that every man and woman has the inherent right to truth, and an equal right to bear arms and protect themselves against an immoral government that hides those truths. Without these elements, (as every good communist would tell you) no nation can stand the onslaught of deceit.

As long as the government fears the people, a nation is free. Do you believe that’s true today? Today, the government owns the people, in a velvet-gloved, self-imposed tyranny. We live in a world of perjury and convenient lies, and worst of all, a self-induced, myopic blindness that allows us to accept the Orwellian propaganda we are bombarded with every day, as long as the check’s in the mail.

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I would have to add, “or, for men (and women) to be more concerned about their monthly government subsidy than what they’ve sacrificed to receive it.” We live in a world where deceit is so profound that the newscasters – bestowed with the sacred responsibility of telling the truth – make it up as they go along. NBC’s Brian Williams – sidelined for six months because he simply fabricated a top news story about himself – claiming to have been in a helicopter that was shot down during combat in Iraq, when it never happened!  He should be ridden out of town on a rail – for lying, and comparing his actions to the real heroes in our military. And yet, six months from now he’ll be back on NBC, spouting propaganda like a Tolstoy monkey.

I say to you, America. We are at the precipice. Anarchy is spreading its greedy fingers across this country. Our nation is being torn apart by self-serving racial rabble rousers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The French and the British are only a step away from succumbing to Sharia Law. Our borders have become nearly open conduits for illegal aliens and Islamic jihadists, while our president refuses to say the words, “Radical Islam.” Either we stand up and take our nation back from the self-serving radical left, and find a genuine cooperative (not sacrificial) medium with growing disgruntled ethnic groups in this nation, or we accept the demise of this great country. The choice is still ours.

We cannot allow our freedom of expression to be ground out on the basis that we might offend. Without the freedom to offend, freedom of expression ceases to exist.  We cannot allow our educational system to become a form of indoctrination, where students shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and individual expression at the schoolyard gate. And we cannot allow a leftist press to contort the truth, and side with rabble-rousers and the makers of mayhem simply for the sake of political correctness. There has to be a dividing line between freedom of expression and anarchy – and we need to find it, soon.

I will leave you with a statement by the Irish orator, John Phillip Curran: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.


The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ownership and staff of The Polk County Pulse. Michael Reisig is a freelance writer and published author whose works are reproduced throughout the globe.


  1. Well stated, Michael. We (as a nation) are indeed on the precipice.

  2. It’s not that what you’re saying is – completely – wrong, but that like too many you see all the weeds in somebody else’s patch of grass. Balance Brian Williams with Bill O’Reilly, or Al and Jesse with trigger-happy cops. Compare a mush-mouthed President Obama with a looney-tunes Senator Inhofe. The only alternative to the party of political correctness is the party of freedom to discriminate, and a pox on both their houses. Both parties stand in line to suck up to fat-cat donors, and the Democrat Obama and the Republican Cotton are united in expanding government spying on all of us and ignoring the most basic Constitutional guarantees of due process under law.

    I second your call for eternal vigilance, but I wish you’d open both eyes.

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