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The Pulse Visits Mena Middle School EAST Class


LeAnn Dilbeck, Mark Hobson, and Melanie Buck were guest speakers at the Mena Middle School EAST Class on Wednesday, October 26.  They provided information on how the radio and newspaper industry conduct business day-to-day.  They explained the value of team work, community involvement, and integrity.

What students are learning today in the classroom directly impacts their future.  Attitude, behavior, literacy and speech skills are basic requirements to be successful in the media industry.  Mrs. Dilbeck related her high school experience in Mena High School FBLA where she first competed in Public Speaking, placing at both District and State levels.  Mr. Hobson explained the importance of honesty, hard work, and dependability.  If he isn’t at work at 5:00 am, the news is not reported on KENA 104.1FM.  Ms. Buck reinforced working together as a team.  The newspaper would never be printed without each performing their job duties.  Without community input there would be no news.

Skills learned in the EAST class prepare students for higher wages in the job market.  Students just completed Public Service Announcements on Anti-Bullying, Internet Safety, Energy Drinks, Bus Safety, and many more.  Even though they are just in the 7th and 8th grades, these students are using industry software, Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, Soundbooth, and Premier Pro.  Learning that the Pulse also uses this software reinforced the importance of learning these skills.

Mrs. Lunsford’s EAST class is preparing for a visit to the Pulse station.  To learn more about Mena Middle School EAST, they have information on Facebook and YouTube at:        Facebook – MenaMiddleEAST; YouTube – EastStudio6bEAST.

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