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Portraying Jesus of Nazareth is Stephen Bellomy as Mle’ Tipton portrays Mary Magdalene in a scene of “The Witness.”

“The Witness” Musical Passion Play is Coming to Mena

[Hot Springs, Ark.] “The Witness,” Arkansas’ musical passion play from Hot Springs, will present two performances at Mena High School’s Performing Arts Center on Saturday, November 16th.

“The Witness” is the compelling musical drama of the Sacrificial Love of God displayed in the life of Jesus of Nazareth as narrated and sung by the Apostle Peter with an accompanying chorus of Galilean villagers.  This common fisherman gives you a glimpse into his own heart as he experienced Jesus’ miraculous life, passionate crucifixion and triumphant resurrection from the dead.

The production offers an entertaining, inspiring…for some a life-changing…time filled with rich music and spectacular drama.  Representing over 50 Hot Springs area churches, the dedicated cast and crew have united in the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus through “The Witness” which is now in its 33rd season.  Many have said,  “The production is unmatched in its realism and Scriptural accuracy,” relays board member and soloist Barbara Guinn.

These performances will include three new compositions from Witness board president and director Judy McEarl as well as exciting new scenes that have been added this season.  Many of the remaining songs have been updated with fresh new arrangements by McEarl and Doug Lackey of Hot Springs.  Ms. McEarl’s enthusiasm for the new elements of the production is evident as she states, “Even if you’ve seen “The Witness” before – you’ve not seen this Witness!”

Performances will be at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and tickets are $10.  Call 501-623-9781 to purchase tickets or visit