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Theatre Plans to Become More User Friendly for All


Ouachita Little Theatre Board President Tim Hesse reports that recent construction on the theatre has been well met by cast, crew, and board members. Part of the theatre was recently re-constructed to expand the rear of the building back to a closer version of its state before the tornado of April 2009 did such extensive damage, taking all of the dressing rooms and a portion of the stage.

Since that time, all corners of the theatre have been utilized to make up for the loss, until now. The newly built rooms that extended the rear of the structure have given actors a place to sit before hitting the stage, bathrooms to keep the actors from having to circle the building in the middle of a show, and dressing areas that were much needed.

As part of the continuing growth of the theatre Hesse reports that there is much more to be done. One of the next projects up for discussion is handi-cap accesible facilities. The theatre has done their best to make the building more handi-cap friendly and hopes to continue the trend with larger bathrooms and possibly larger areas in the sections of seating that will be more wheelchair accesible.

“Since we are a state recognized theater and our shows are becoming more and more popular we need to show that we welcome everyone. When you go to theaters like the Robinson in Little Rock, they have all of the amenities and we need to step it up and meet the needs of our theater-goers,” said Hesse.

All building funds come from donations, mostly raised by the OLT Guild, and there is much more needed to complete the projects. If you would like to donate or help in any way contact the theatre at 479-243-0186.

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