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There’s No “I” in Team


It is one most the most beloved and highly anticipated seasons, folks, and there’s an all consuming, contagious mania that seems to come with it. This season will stir emotions and excitement, all at the same time. It brings about a kindred bond among complete strangers and can simultaneously cause strain in the best of relationships. It will even cause the most prudent to cuss. Welcome to football season in America, a whopping $100 billion industry!

Road trips, tailgating, BBQs, and parties are held around the games, whether high school, college, or the NFL… and in the end, the winner is determined by the highest number on the scoreboard.

How do you choose who you support? For many, it’s a tradition or an alma mater. For others, it’s based on the talent of the team or the coach. There isn’t always a method to the madness, but one thing is for certain, the winner is always determined by the final score.

How many of us get consumed with keeping score in our own relationships? I’ve certainly been guilty of it at points in my life and I doubt that I’m alone.

Whether we’re scorekeeping at work to see who’s made the most mistakes… and making sure they are pointed out… or keeping score with our spouse over who has been more right, there’s no place for scorekeeping, except on the ball field.

Maturity has taught me to have compassion for those who have to feed their own passive aggressive or dominating personalities by making sure they are on the winning side of their own personal scoreboard in order to feel superior. How or why? A deeper understanding that some of us find joy in encouraging and uplifting others while others are so broken internally that the only way they survive is by knocking others down in a brutal race to be at the top, forgetting that they have walked all over others to gain that shallow satisfaction. Sadly, a satisfaction that provides only fleeting, temporary gain.

When we keep score at work, or at home, or in any of our personal relationships, there is no winner. The purpose of a score is to determine a loser… and if that is our goal at work, when we should strive for a team environment the game has already been lost.

Let’s strive to keep the competition and scorekeeping on the gridiron! Work, family, or friends is no place to try to make a loser out of someone!

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