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Through the Eyes of a Child


This week is a very special week for our family. This week will mark five years that our family was restored after three years of brokenness.  Five years ago this week, our children’s and parent’s faithful prayers were answered. You all have allowed me to share our story so many times before so on this anniversary, I thought it would be more than fitting to share an essay our daughter recently wrote for a class assignment. Such a gentle reminder that, sometimes, the greatest gift we can give our children is to truly love their other parent. Below is our sweet Lexi Faith’s own words, she simply titled ‘My Favorite Memory’:

I remember this day so well. The feeling of happiness, joy, grace, and love. I remembered the feeling of being blessed to have my family back together.

It all started on the day before the wedding. It was me, my brother, and my mom. We were at a football game cheering on our team. I remember sitting next to my friends Kyra, Avery, and Jaiden. They were always there for me when I needed them.

My brother walked down from the top where my mom was and told me we were going home. I looked at him confused, “there was still half a game to watch?” I walk up to where my mom is and when I look up … could it be? My dad was sitting next to my mom. They were divorced so what was he doing here? We started walking to the car. When I sat down in the back of the car, Dad was about to close my door but he whispered into my ear, “We have a surprise for you at home.” To this day, my first guess has always been ice cream.

On our way home. I remember looking behind Mom’s car and seeing lights of a car and I was so surprised when I figured out Dad was behind our car. When we get home, I walk into the house and put my bag away on my bed and look around in my room. My second guess was “were we moving?” What didn’t seem very long, the garage door opened and in came Daddy. I wondered, “Was me and my brother going to his house?” He and Mom walk into the living room and sit down on the couch. My mom called me and my brother to sit down on the floor in front of them.  So then they told us that the surprise was here. I look around still confused. Dad takes a deep breath and says that he and mom are getting married again. (Editor’s note because this was one of the most precious things to me… he asked them what would make them happier than anything and my son immediately answered, “For you to marry our Momma.”) I didn’t believe him. He always said jokes. I turn to Mom and ask her if that’s true because she always told the truth. She said yes. And that’s when my world started turning again and my whole body on the inside was jumping for joy. I actually started crying and Mom and Dad hugged me. “When are we doing it?” I choked these words out from me crying tears of joy. “In two days,” they told me and my brother.

The next day, we packed and went to DeGray Lake, one of my favorite vacation places. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the road was so smooth to the destination. I could not sit still in my seat through the whole road trip. When we get there, we check into the hotel and go to our room. I got to see my flower girl dress that was white lace with a flower on the side of my waist. I had a cute little basket with rose petals in it for the next day, when my life would change forever and I would have a new beginning.

The next day, I woke up to the sun shining on my face. For a second, I had to remember where I was and that’s when I remembered that my life was going to change today. I woke up to Mom blow drying her hair.

After what didn’t seem long, me and my mom were ready. I loved playing with the petals in my basket and the way they felt. When it came to coming outside to the lake, me and my family walked out. I felt the grass against my feet. The sound of the song “God gave me you” was in the background. I had the feeling of a new beginning and the feeling of being so blessed.

When we got to one of our friends, a brother in God’s image, we stood there and we began with a prayer. And then the vows came and the rings and then the best part, the kiss that holds a man and woman together forever. And after the kiss came, it felt like a whole new me came into my body. I had never had a feeling like it before and it is still in me today. Love is so amazing and I can’t wait to see what more memories I can make with my family and with my future husband.


  1. LOVE your story* such a beautiful family !!!

  2. What a heart warming story. I wish more families had the strength & fortitude to do as you and your husband did. I met your husband a couple of years ago and was inspired by the amount peace & joy he displayed. Now I know why. God Bless You & Your Family.

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