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Tree Stump Transformed into Razorback Art


Rocky resident Steve Bell has a piece of art in his yard that is not the most common form of art found, a chainsaw carving. But this isn’t just any chainsaw carving. This is a razorback, formed by artist Scott Winford of Hackett, Arkansas, around 4 years ago.

You still may be thinking that it’s not that rare. What makes this piece more special than most, is that it isn’t just carved from a log that can be scrapped if it doesn’t work out how you wanted it. This piece, which stands around 7 feet tall, is actually carved from a still-standing tree stump.

The large pecan tree was over 100 years old when it was struck by lightning and Bell wanted a way to preserve it. “I didn’t just want to cut the tree down. I wanted something up there,” said Bell.

After some thought, he decided to show his Arkansas Razorback pride, and preserve the tree at the same time. Winford spent around 8 hours creating the piece. Bell said Winford used “six or seven chainsaws” to make the intricate cuts and to add fine detailing. “He used chainsaws that I’d never seen before,” Bell said.

“He had a little figurine he set up there after I’d told him what I wanted and he carved the whole thing from that little figurine,” said an amazed Bell. He also said that many people stop and ask to take a picture with the razorback, to which Bell obliges.

Once the stump was transformed, Bell knew he had a special piece, “Scott told me ‘there are a lot of wood carvers with chainsaws, but there’s very few stump carvers with chainsaws.’ You only get one chance.” Which was all Hackett needed. The detail of the razorback is second to none.


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  1. Do you carve anything else beside Razorback hog??

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