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Two Local Officials to Serve on AAC Boards


Two Polk County Officials are now representing the area on state boards after attending the Arkansas Association of Counties’ (AAC) Fall Meeting in September, held in Little Rock. The AAC has nine affiliate associations under their umbrella, with each electing its own officers and holding their own continuing education seminars throughout the year. Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison and County Clerk Terri Harrison have been elected to represent on separate boards.

Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison was elected by his peers in the County Judges’ Association of Arkansas (CJAA), an affiliate association, to serve as their 1st Vice President. He replaces Madison County Judge Frank Weaver who was elected as President of the CJAA. Judge Ellison’s term as 1st Vice President will last for two years. He has previously served as CJAA 2nd Vice President.

As 1st Vice President, Judge Ellison will become President in 2019, according to their bylaws, if he seeks and wins re-election in 2018. Judge Ellison has held Polk County’s highest seat since 2011.

“I want to thank the citizens of Polk County for allowing me to serve as our County Judge. It is indeed an honor and humbling to be elected by the other 74 County Judges in Arkansas to be next in line to lead our organization. This opportunity allows Polk County to have increased visibility, a chance to share our rural values, and to help shape policies with a loud voice that reflect us, in Little Rock.”

County Clerk Terri Harrison was elected by her fellow Arkansas Association of County Clerk members to represent them on the AAC board. Each affiliate association of the AAC chooses two members to serve on the AAC Board of Directors. Harrison will serve in that role for two years. Harrison was chosen as the 2014-2015 President of the State Association of County Clerks. Harrison said she was honored and humbled by the appointment. “I am very honored to be chosen by my fellow County Clerks to represent them on the Association of Arkansas Counties Board of Directors.  The Association’s purpose is to work for improved county government in the State of Arkansas and to serve as a voice for all 75 Arkansas Counties.  I am very excited and look forward to this opportunity to work with and learn from other elected officials across the state about matters that affect county government and ways to better serve the citizens of Polk County.”

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