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UA – Rich Mountain Enters Into An Agreement With City of Mena

(MENA)  Mena City Council created a resolution that will authorize Mayor Seth Smith and City Clerk / Treasurer Linda Rexroad to enter into an agreement with the University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain for the use of facilities at Lee MacMillan Park.

The university will lease the baseball and softball fields, in addition to the use of the tennis courts for athletic events.

The university will also upgrade those facilities and also improve the large parking lot near the ball fields.

The city will need to move the skateboard ramps that is widely used by area youth to another location at the park. Mayor Smith assured that the skateboard ramps will remain there, for the safety of the youth.

When asked about placing the ramps at Aubrey Tapley Park, the mayor or other council members did not want to see increased foot traffic along U.S. Highway 71 North by the area youth.

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