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UARM’s Meet the Faculty: Dr. Gaumani Gyanwali

In the fall of 2014, Dr. Gaumani Gyanwali joined as a faculty member of the UA Rich Mountain family. His responsibilities include teaching the physical sciences as well as serving in an advising role to the UA Rich Mountain Science Club membership.

His formal education accomplishments include; completing high school at the Pashupati Mitra School in Kathmandu, Nepal; receiving a BS and MS from Tribhuvan University at Kathmandu, Nepal; and Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  “I started professional science teaching while I was a BS student back in 1995. Once I started communicating science, I enjoyed it a lot and I never thought of changing my profession. When I came to the United States for my Ph.D., I had gained 13 years of teaching science at school and college levels. My interest in STEM education grew even more when I started to teach undergraduate chemistry classes and laboratories as a teaching assistant and later on as a full instructor. During my graduate study years, I attended science/chemistry/education conferences where professionals would deliver complex concepts in a very understandable and fun-filled way. My goal is to blend past experience with content knowledge in my classrooms and labs here at UA Rich Mountain.  Writing my own lab manuals was one of those efforts. One of the joys of teaching is that I get to learn a lot from my own students, semester after semester”, stated Gyanwali.

Dr. Gyanwali is a firm believer in the correlation between student engagement leading to retention and a successful college experience. He has utilized a research study process using in-class work sheets for calculation and classroom discussion. The results have shown that more engaged and involved the students are in these work sheets, chances of retention over the semester and success in the end is high. Additionally, he is supportive of co- and extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom environment as equally important for student growth and success. As UA Rich Mountain Science Club Advisor, he has found students growing both on a personal and professional level when they are involved in community-clean ups, recycling programs, science fairs, committee meetings, and fundraising activities organized through the UA Rich Mountain Science Club. He also co-coordinates the UA Rich Mountain Science Fair each year with the UA Rich Mountain staff and faculty as well as area secondary school science teachers.

His hobbies include playing ping-pong and tennis, reading scientific journals and new findings, taking science-related field trips, and backyard gardening. He also enjoys traveling with his family, including visiting and celebrating festivals with families from Nepal. His goals include serving on STEM education-related committees and working with business and industry on recycling programs.

He is married to Sharmila who shares his love of gardening and travel. They have a son, Saujal, alumna of Mena High School who attends the University of Arkansas, and a daughter, Shreetika, a junior at Mena High School.

Come by the campus to meet Dr. Gaumani Gyanwali, Chemistry & Physical Science Instructor at UA Rich Mountain!

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